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tv   Live on 5  ABC  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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state trooper. >> laid to rest this afternoon, kenneth velez was remembered as a family man who leaves behind kids, who are nothing but proud of their father. >> an ohio state trooper remembered tonight after he was killed while working traffic enforcement on interstate 90. >> it all happened near lake wood but today he was remembered by family friends and colleagues from across the state as well as the nation and leon bibb is here with us to take a look at the servic. often refer to the blue line when they speak of themselves and the work they do. today the blue line was very long as officers joined with the family and friends to pay tribute to the memory of ohio highway patrol trooper kenneth velez. >> merciful lord turn-- >> there were so many who came to mourn the death of ohio highway patrol officer kenneth velez as all knew there would be. the funeral was held in the fieldhouse of lorain county
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enforcement officers were there paying respects to the fallen trooper and mourning with family and friends. the superintendent of the highway patrol knew kenny velez for 27 years. >> he represented well. the velez name, the highway patrol, this thin blue line that we talk about, ken evelez represented well. >> ken evelez was in the highway patrol graduating class the superintendent called the class, but of velez he used the words honor, integrity, sacrifice. >> kenny demonstrated all these qualities. you already know these things about ken evelez. >> for the velez children, their fats it was a hero in uniform and out. always he was dad, hero on the job, hero at home. >> my father showed us more
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are, we still feel the love. >> there was also love from the brotherhood of the blue line, as the state highway patrol superintendent termed it kenny velez a hero of the highway patrol. the tributes and the respect for the memory of ohio highway patrol trooper kenneth velez run deep and wide and long. at the funeral were law enforcement office states and from canada. that says a great deal about how a person is remembered. leon bibb, news channel 5. >> and leon from the service to the family of trooper velez saying their goodbyes, it was a deep and heart felt salute that took him to his final resting place. >> it was a powerful moment this morning, when the body of trooper kenneth velez passed beneath a huge american flag,
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elyria and it was the gateway for a sea of flashing lights. a moving tribute to a fallen brother. people lined the streets to honor trooper velez on his final journey, sharing the sadness felt in every police department, every patrol post across the country. as the procession reached calvary cemetery a riderless horse took its place for the missing. the traditions and ceremony for one wh duty. witnessed by those who know too well the price that might be paid when sworn to serve and protect. heard and felt in the sorrow
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>> the ohio state highway patrols last in the line of duty death was in 2010. since 1933, 40 troopers have been killed, keeping ohio safer. frank? >> and lee the man had accused of hitting and killing trooper velez still locked up. earlier this year he faced a judge where he was sent to jail on $500,000 bond and he's charged with aggravated vehicle investigators say he was under the influence of drugs when he hit trooper velez. during his court appearance, gasbar did not enter a me and he's expected to do that when back in court on the 27th. breaking at this hour the ashland county prosecutor says they are going to pursue the death penalty against shawn grate. he is the man accused of holding a woman against her will in ashland county as well as being accused in the deaths of at least five women. the county prosecutor has
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those women. eliz a death griffith and stacey stanley and facing felony charges of gross abuse of a corpse, rape burglary and kidnapping charges. with the charges filed against him if he does not get the death penalty he could face 166 years in prison. only on 5 we are now just three weeks into ohio's new medical marijuana law and the states highest court. there's already amended a rule that will have a big impact on the industry. it has to do with members of it get legal help and kristen joins us and that court is now giving the green light to attorneys, right? >> reporter: yes that site frank. the amendment for the attorneys in ohio are now permitted to counsel medical marijuana patients, physicians and business owners. the help could range from advising clients on how to form a dispensery business to answering questions from doctors on how to proceed next with their patients. and as local law firms start to
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another industry that's already taken off as marijuana becomes legalized across states. this one has a local tie. >> tucked away in a six story building in westlake is this non-script office space. inside are seven employees. this kind of literature and this small sign right out front. >> we specialize in property and casualty insurance for the cannabis industry recreational and medical. >> it's an insurance company for marijuana cultivate ors, manufactures that make edibles and dispenseries. patrick was born and raised in the cleveland area started the business here in westlake in 2010. >> we cover the plants all the furniture fixtures and equipment just like any mainstream american business would get. >> when he started he tells me he was one of only two companies of this kind in the country. now he is one of about a half dozen serving about 1000
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west of the mississippi. >> but now that medical marijuana is legal in ohio, he is gearing up for even more business and so are local attorneys like tom herron we're getting calls from people interested opening processing facilities, dispenseries. >> but one of the biggest challenges are the banks most of which are not willing to participate in any medical marijuana activity. even though it is legal statewide, because marijuana is federal level. he feels that frustration firsthand. >> we've lost five banks in four years, as we have these businesses come in, there has to be a banking solution. >> now, he tells me he has had had to go out of state to find a bank that is willing to work with his company. that company now draws in more than a million dollars worth of revenue a year. and as for insurance costs for a dispensery let's say, it runs
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gross revenue. lee? >> thanks, kristin. welcome to the first day of fall and hello tera blake. >> it doesn't feel like fall does it? you is step outside and say no, summer is still here and even in ashtabula middle and upper 80s and high level clouds help cool down the temperatures recently but many of us still feeling the heat. 87 in medina cleveland we were at 88 in the 4 hour, now
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may not seem like it but we are just weeks away from the general election and days from the first presidential debate between donald trump trump hit the ground running today with five events in pennsylvania. stephanie has the latest on the campaign from washington. >> oh, you will like me so much. >> reporter: donald trump taking the stage at an energy conference today. it's his first stop as he spends his day in pennsylvania. >> you are going to like donald trump and all of the workers that get put to work. >> before talking energy trump addressing the protests at north carolina after recent police shootings.
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on television at night. and we do have a wounded country. >> this a day after trump took heat from the countries largest police union. on comments he made about the officer who shot an unarmed black man in tulsa. >> did she get scared? >> trump praising all police officers today and then shifting back to the topic of energy. the republican nominee speaking to unions who represent thousands of people who work on roads and pipelines, trying to connect with the oil & gas company leaders who in have raised concerns that a hillary clinton presidency. would mean more regulation and fewer jobs. >> we're going to be cutting massively regulations. >> as for hillary clinton she's behind closed doors prepping for the first one on one faceoff with trump. but today this interview making the rounds online taped the day she was diagnosed with pneumonia. clinton was asked what she thinks trump will wear to the debate i assume that red power
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tie. >> it's even more appropriate. >> staffers with both campaigns are worried over how the debate monday night will go down. the clinton camp thinks donald trump gets off on questions and as for the trump team senior sources say trump has zoned in on policy. is stephanie ramos, abc news washington. on the other side of the aisle a former aid to hillary clinton in hot water after failing to show up at a congressional hearing in washington d.c. he had been subpoenaed by u.s. marshals to testify in front of the oversight of the government reform committee. it comes as the committee continues to look into the use of clinton's private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. >> subpoenas are not optional. he is a crucial fact witness in this committees investigation of former secretary of state hillary clintons use of a private mail server. >> well the committee voted to hold him in contempt of
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the house for a vote. well just days after the weekend attacks in the new york city area, we are getting a detailed look at what the alleged new york city bomber may have been thinking before his attack. >> the day he was shot he was carrying a journal and inside of it he praised osama bin ladd in and it is full of terror related notes and phrases as well. we're also learning he was at a barber shop the day of those attacks. one of the him that afternoon in between the morning bombing of new jersey and the pressure cooker bombs in new york city that night. now new york cities mayor says he's even through him in custody and they aren't sure he worked this out alone. >> we don't have specific evidence of a cell. we are concerned to know if there's other people. we just don't have a final answer on that yet.
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men here who were seen in surveillance video taking away a duffel bag. one of the pressure cooker bombs right there was in custody saturday night. look whose in the house with us? >> i know first day of fall but really still feels nice and summery out there. >> i heard you two talking ice cream and there's a lot of families thinking it's fall but i don't care. we want ice cream after dinner tonight. something to cool the family down. beautiful sunshine as we take a look still, bright and blue, cleveland you've already cooled down though we were at 88 in the 4 hour now we push it to the 5:00 hour and we've dropped those clouds making a difference at 83 and dew point very low and it's a measure of moisture in the air so chief meteorologist mark johnson and i we were all texting about could we actually hit this record high today with the dew point so low and it did it anyway but it's not going to last. north northeast winds at nine miles per hour keeping it
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point is enjoyable heat believe it or not. warm in bed ford 88 and cooler north royal ton at 85, cooler than 88 certainly not cool, comfortable at 82 in euclid a little more clouds on the east side here madison at 82, we start out your evening in jefferson at 81 degrees. noticing some heat a little farther south 87 in akron to 83 in alliance, 84 in canton and 85 in mansfield to 86 philadelphia a few more clouds at 78 degrees. your weather window for tonight, still pretty warm here off the top. we lose the sunshine in the 7:00 hour, so temperatures drop beautifully for tonight and back into the 60s for those overnight lows marking your friday out on a nice note. keeping us dry for now, a front to the north is going to bring in rain chances for your friday, but we are rather dry and there's not a lot of force
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hoping for a good drink in the yard still using sprinklers, you probably will have to use them as we move into the weekend. for tonight 60s for those overnight lows for your friday, mostly sunny you can see i didn't put rain in there so that tells you you it's not a lot. 85 in ashland for tomorrow lorain your high around 80 degrees and i think the same for cleveland and high of around 80, beachwood 77 for friday afternoon, parma a high of around 81. overnight lows farther south and cooler 63 for your morning alliance, 76 your high for chador on on friday, also finding the 70s in place over ashtabula. before the rain hits or at least tries to move in we have a tribe game tonight and as you can see no rainfall here either. 7:00 we will make our way to the ballpark in the 80s we take on the royals hoping for a win weather certainly cooperating for us. the power of five seven day forecast still small rain chances ahead including for
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weekend and another opportunity on wednesday but the heat that we have today is gone. there are a lot more 70s and lower 80s to come. guys, over to you. if you are craving it before you scoop that ice cream out of the bowl tonight, and if it's from blue bell container you'll want to put it away as the company is recalling some of its treats. coming up new at 6:00 tonight chilling 911 calls after an uber driver becomes a
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well if you are a fan of blue bell might want to check that freezer again. >> the ice cream company just announced another recall of its products because of listeria concerns. blue bell issued a vol unterry recall of two cookie flavored ice creams across ten states.
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contaminated with listeria. it's the second time in as many years the company has had to pull some of its products off shelves because of listeria. you can find more information about the recall on our website. i think many people incorrectly assume that we make $600 off each. it's simply not true. after subtracting epipen related costs our profit is 100 or approximately $50 per pen. >> the ceo of the drug co capitol hill insisting that epipens are not as profitable as everyone thinks. the cost of the life saving drug recently jumped from $94 to more than $600. now the companies offering a generic version of the epipen for $300. since 2008 the price of epipens has been hiked 17 times. coming up on live on 5 its being called one of the largest data breaches in history as one
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plus a new cleveland based ad is touting it can help you stay safe in the event you are ever pulled over by the police . that and more of your top
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now for a look at our top stories at 5:30 law enforcement from across the country gathered here in ohio today to pay their respects to fallen trooper kenny velez. he was hit and killed by a driver under the influence while he was working on last week. velez spent 27 years as an ohio state trooper and the lorain native leaves behind three children. trooper velez was 48 years old. well the presidential election is just 47 days away but right now donald trump and hillary clinton are preparing for their first debate on monday. both the candidates and their parties continue to push for the post in ohio, mainly the african american vote. the national guard has been called in as the city of charlotte braces for a third
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44 arrests were made last night as the protest grew violent. less say nine people were hurt and five police officers, one person was shot and is currently on life support. speaking of charlotte violence on the streets of that city putting a spotlight on decades of tension between the police and african americans. >> a man is using technology to keep people safe. eric waller is live in cleveland and derek we're talking about a phone app is? >> reporter: well alerts your friends and family if you've been stopped by the cops. >> it's not about i-cop. it's pro-citizen. this is basically our dispatch. >> a citizen dispatch in your hands. quentin robinson's app sends a text message alert with the current location to three people of your choosing. hit the green button to let your loved ones know the traffic stop has ended. >> know exactly where you are. >> exactly based off your
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alleged police brutality. >> it aggravates me and annoys me and frustrates me. i'm very frustrated every day i wake up. >> more apps designed to keep the police in check are popping up driving while black also claims to notify friends and family and i just got stopped promises to make video and audio recordings. >> african americans are disproportionately stopped by the police. >> cleveland state urban study professor ron dunn says his studies show just that phone when an officer approaches the car. >> that could be considered or interpreted as an affirmative move by the officer if he does not know what you're reaching for. >> and that's why robinson says the app only requires one click and he says it's best to hit that button before the officer approaches. live in cleveland derek waller, news channel 5. developing right now in the technology world yahoo announced this afternoon that
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get this, the tech company believes at least 500 million users may have had information stolen from their account. now they believe it happened in late 2014 and whoever is behind this may have been acting on be half of a government. that information that may now be out there could be your name, your date of birth, passwords, and your security questions and the answers as well. the company urges everyone to change their passwords. tera blake, you claim like it though does it? you step outside and mother nature giving us one last taste of summer. its been about two weeks since we've had heat like this in ashtabula, blue skies along with those warmer temperatures. a lot of 80s including 88 was met this afternoon in cleveland tying the record for the warmest fall start since 1936. currently though 83 degrees and added clouds eis specially for
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mansfield, sunshine over wooster and 84 warmer new philadelphia at 87 degrees, right in the upper 80s and the heat doesn't last, the reason for it clouds and some rainfall. all this rain to the north of us will be sagging to the south. problem is we still have a lot of dry air in place as high pressure has been dominating r for the entire week. we've got to saturate nicely before we start to see rain chances and i'll time out the opportunity coming up in just a few friday night football games or heading out to the jason aldean concert but tonight no issues with weather 86 for us expected about 6:00 a little farther south and then we drop into the 70s for those evening plans. your seven day is coming up in just minutes. frank, lee? a story you're only going to see on 5 tonight the resting place for some of cleveland's founding families disrespected as vandals damage the erie
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the cities attempt to fix the damage that has caused even more upset for families. >> reporter: guys this is the oldest burial site in cleveland. the city grew around these gates but for the woman i talked to today this is about more than cleveland's history. it's hers. and she will do whatever it takes to keep this space preserved. cleveland's erie street cemetery. it has more than one spot grandfather. >> so as the last of her family in cleveland she told me she won't stand back. >> it was i'll say put back in place by smearing the sealant. >> and let what is legally considered family property-- >> this part of the monument should be centered on the base. >> stay think ways. >> the more i saw the more upset i got. >> gafney says after the cemetery was vandalized earlier this month she stayed in touch
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help with repairs. she even offered to pay to fix her families monuments. so she says she was surprised when she got a call from the city employee telling her the monuments were "placed upright" by city crews." >> it's unprofessional and it's disrespectful. >> when she checked it out they were more than placed. >> there's gray sealant here. >> it's time for the city to step up and get the repairs done right. >> i consider this to be property damage caused by the city of cleveland and of cleveland needs to make this right. >> now i called the city of cleveland several times today they told me when they came here to make these repairs all they did was put the monuments up right. i asked them about the adhesive used on these monuments and they refused comment but told me they are in the works of contracting with a professional monument company. christine gafney is considering legal action. in cleveland, news channel 5.
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shooting inside of a gang fight. breaking out in the middle of a drive through car wash, where shots were fired and kids were there. plus the boy reaches out to the president because he wants to help give a new home to a little syrian refugee. route now here is a look at
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the world of weather we're seeing right here in northeast ohio today record breaking warm temperatures and for tomorrow, some rain chances. so for the jason aldean concert if i can get it out, no the good news is your rain chances are very very small. the concert for tomorrow night one of the last of the season here is going to be good to go,
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eventually starting about 7:30 or so obviously jason coming on later so we're looking at partly cloudy skies and 70s that 30% chance is for everyone farther out throughout the night it's going to stay on the small side so not talking much in the way of rain. we'll break down your bigger rain chances and your power of 5 seven day forecast coming up
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topic, the brangelina divorce is beginning to get ugly for the hollywood couple this afternoon we heard with brad pitt spoke with lapd investigators regarding an incident involving one of his children. the police department not commenting about what happened but according to people magazine whatever happened happened on the couples private plane on the 14th. that's just five days before angelina jolie filed for divorce. she's seeking physical custody of their six children. a gang member will spend the next five years in federal prison after a car wash with a rival gang in east denver. in the surveillance video you can see diedrich mayfield opening fire on another group of gang members at a car wash with two children just steps away. an atf agent says they were able to charge mayfield even though a weapon was never recovered from the scene. >> if you notice the shell casing went on top of the vehicle there, that's going to be later recovered by investigators. >> atf charges just amunition
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to insure he was taken off the street. >> that shootout left two gang members dead as for mayfield, he plead guilty to being a fell on in possession of amunition. let's talk a well deserved shout out for a young boy in new york who wrote a letter to the president asking to adopt a syrian refugee. last month, the world stopped in its tracks as 5-year-old right there was pulled from the rubble of his home after an air strike. well the heart breaking imag wrote a letter to the president asking him to collect him and bring him to his house. >> park in the driveway or on the streets, and we'll be waiting for you guys with flowers and will give him a family and he will be our brother. >> those are the words of a six year old boy. >> [applause] >> the humanity the young child can display who hasn't learned
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other people because of where they're from or how they look or how they pray. >> the young boys post has more than 100,000 lines and its been shared more than 60,000 times. >> sweet. well, speaking of sweet if you ever wanted to scream for ice cream, today would be the day, frank. >> you brought this up. you knew about this. it was circled on the calendar. the ice cream cone is what we are talking about is national ice cream cone day, debut back in 1904 at the world's fair in st. louis. they were originally called little waffles because that's what they were little waffles rolled up in the shape of a cone. now the inventer sold his company to nabisco in 1924 and they still make ice cream cones today. are you making a cone over there? >> i wish. mitchell's ice cream they make a vegan ice cream to die for. how about you guys?
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>> and in a cone. it's always the best, right? >> absolutely. >> making kids of all ages happy since 1904. >> wow look at that stat i like it. well today is an ice cream kind of day. we made our way into the record books believe it or not for one of the warmest falls ever. beautiful sunshine for us here in ashtabula, cleveland was where the record was found 88 is what we met in the 4 hour, warmest first day of fall was 1936. the part that's to me is the drastic difference is where we should be 72. fall if you want it back it will be here this weekend and we'll take a look in just a bit but right now cleveland you've dropped to 83 more cloud cover making a difference northern wind about nine miles per hour dew points a measure of moisture of the air so we have opportunities close to home but right now looking rather dry and looks like the dry weather
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80 degrees parma, 79 in kirkland, trying to make your way for dinner in chagrin falls 85 your current temperature heading south also noticing middle and upper 80s including peninsula you hit 90 today now at 88, 87 in akron, 89 still pretty warm wadsworth to 87 in brunswick. hour by hour, we will see those temperatures nicely drop off but clouds are going to stick around and we'll go in between clouds and stars overnight lows will of the clouds but still the middle and upper 60s can be expected. noticing the added clouds because of a frontal system to the north it will sag to the south pushing away our high providing us with cooler air. notice though typically when a front sags south you'll see green around us. there's not a lot. rain opportunities seem to try a little bit more through the evening hours on friday. here is 6:00, lake erie seeing some nice added moisture but as
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the opportunity for early saturday morning as well but you can see it around us rather than on top of us so this next rain shot is not too impressive but we could still see a little rain, some nuisance rain late friday into saturday but much of your weekend presenting a dryer forecast and a sunny one, cooler more fall-like for you too. if you've been itching to get the pumpkin out in the yards, this weekend is a good one to do it. here tonight, 61 in norwalk overnight low in me the lower 60s daytime highs tomorrow back and still above average by almost 10 degrees, but 80s for us rather than upper 80s to near 90. 81 in parma for tomorrow 77 in beachwood to 80 degrees in cleveland mostly sunny skies, small rain chances in the evening, 86 for akron and 87 though farther north, mentor finding 76 degrees here tonight the rain chances are staying away which should mean a nice win for the tribe.
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go. 81 and sunshine at the start of the game we're playing the royals expecting to find a rather royal life in the stands, just hoping for a win. we know we'll get one. the power of five seven day forecast keeping rain chances small for tomorrow but one of the warmer temperatures. rain opportunities are back wednesday of next week so if you want the yard to stay green for the end of september, sprinklers are probably going to have to come on. look at all of that dry weather ahead overnight lows a little cooler for us into october seems to be the best part of the year, so enjoy it. frank, lee, over to you. okay here is what's coming up at 6:00. >> held at gunpoint and robbed along the lake wood street a local college student says the gun was pointed right at his head. and he's not the only victim we're digging into what is going on in that suburb. plus, the latest round of numbers is out and we're learning both donald trump and
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new at 6:00 john kasich explains why the key to the election may involve getting your feet on to the streets out there. but first live on 5 we're putting the candidates to the truth testment find out if either one gets their pans on
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well as we all know we still have several more weeks before the november election. >> recently the candidates are putting the focus on their immigration plans, hillary says hers will boost the economy. trump says his will set a new record. >> but how do those claims measure up so jameson euler puts it through this weeks truth-o-meter. >> within a few years immigration has a share of national population, is said to
5:55 pm
clip as he outlined the specifics of his immigration reform plan. trump saying immigrants greatly enriched our country but we owe it to them and their children to control future immigration. at this rate trump claiming the share of americas foreign born population well soon set knew highs. politifact looked into the data dating back to 1850. >> we'll have more non-native americans in this country than as a share of population than ever before. >> projections suggest the foreign born and a new record could be reached in about seven years, according to census bureau estimates. politifact rating trump's clip as mostly true. >> comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the right thing to do but it will add $700 billion to our economy. >> hillary clinton also talking immigration reform saying an overhaul of the immigration
5:56 pm
$18 trillion economy. politifact went digging through a congressional budget office report from 2013 to look into clintons numbers. >> experts say most of the money we generated will be by new immigrants moving into this country and so the benefit to the native population the people who live here now would actually be much less. >> clinton's statement is partially accurate but leaves out important details. rating the claim half true. >> look for first presidential debate. securing america is the first throw topics on the agenda. >> and that is it for live on 5 today. >> well what's going on at 6:00? breaking news ahead at 6:00 an indictment handed up against the suspected serial killer. >> and a special prosecutor has been named for the death penalty case now at 6:00 we're digging into this background that uncovered a tie to the show scandal. plus a college student
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it's like to have a gunpointed at your forehead. news channel 5 at 6:00 starts
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and we begin tonight with major new details coming out about the shawn grate case. >> within the last few hours we have learned a grand jury in ashland county handed a 23 count indictment against the suspected serial killer and the prosecutor will seek the death penalty. these charges are connected to the murders of stacey stanley and elizabeth griffith found dead in an ashland home last week. grate is charged with kidnapping a woman who survived
6:00 pm
officers to him. also today prosecutors announced a special prosecutor will take over that case. and our investigator is taking an in depth look at who he is. >> his name is mark r. weaver and he's an attorney based out of columbus. according to their website he a partner at izaac wiles, listed as an experienced legal advisor who served as deputy attorney general in ohio. his profile says he prosecuted several death penay office. he's also been called on to be a special prosecutor several times, but he also practices a very different type of law, according to his profile he teaches elections law at the university of akron. in his twitter profile we describes himself as a media law attorney and communications advisor among other things. in fact he also runs a practice called communications counsel which offers services including


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